Kicking Off 2019 By Giving Back: Nauti's Twelve Month Residency Program

To start off 2019 we are having a chat with Nauti Studios’ Founder and Captain, Nat Cheney. Having opened applications for a brand new twelve month Residency Program at our Blue Mountains location, we ask Nat about the inspiration and drive behind this initiative.

Nauti Studios Founder and Captain Nat Cheney. Picture: Ann Niddrie.

Nauti Studios Founder and Captain Nat Cheney. Picture: Ann Niddrie.


A twelve month Residency Program?! What? Where did this come from?
I have started 2019 by having an amazing festive season. It has been filled with amazing chats and idea sessions with fantastic people around me at Nauti. I have kept at work over the past few months at Nauti, but it has felt like a holiday in that the amazing people around me have helped me be more invigorated, inspired, and grateful for their incredible influence. I decided, feeling very grateful for the incredible people I am surrounded by, that I wanted to give back. The Arts, Culture & Small Business Residency Program is designed to give massive opportunities to an individual, team or group who would benefit from having their own private work space, mentorship, and being around creative, inspiring and productive people. Giving this opportunity also has the potential to greatly impact locals, the local economy, and the international industry of the Resident/s’ profession. Through someone developing and furthering their practice, it will have a great impact on the people around them, the businesses they interact with, and the international community of the industry in which their work is produced. Seems like a win-win situation to me. I love that saying “a rising tide lifts all boats”.

Who is able to apply for the Residency Program?
As the people working at Nauti Studios are very diverse, as are their professions, I have written the program to be applicable for most industries. We are welcoming all applications from artists, designers, media innovators, educators, creative arts researchers, scholars, and anyone working on a project or in a field in arts, cultural development or small business.


“A rising tide lifts all boats.”


Is the opportunity open to people of all skill and experience levels?
You betcha! All disciplines, and all skill levels are welcome.

What does the Residency Program provide?
Participants receive full-time access to our work space for twelve months, with access to our communal areas, social events, utilities, amenities, mentor opportunities, professional knowledge and networks. Also, our Hazelbrook studio is easily accessible from Blue Mountains areas by car or public transport.

What is expected of the Recipient/s of the Residency Program?
Nauti expects that they will be dedicated, productive, and grateful for the opportunities they are given. We also welcome and encourage the recipient/s to give back to their local, national and international community. This giving back can come from simply furthering and developing their practice and profession throughout their residency. Also, Nauti Studios can provide working space and open areas for meetings, rehearsals, workshops, exhibitions, or other, for participants to give back to the community during the Residency Program. For example, recipient/s may like to hold an event, presentation, exhibition, or such, inviting industry professionals and the general public to share the work they have been able to achieve during their time at Nauti Studios.


“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”


When and how can someone apply for the Residency Program?
Right now, baby! Applications are now open, and finish up 15th March 2019. If people want to learn more, they can check out the info here, and if anyone has any specific questions they can ask me here.

And to wrap up, would you like to say to anyone reading this?
Happy 2019 Sailors! May this year be productive, inspiring, and may you rise to all challenges. Remember, ”a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

Aye Aye Captain!

One of the great, and sustainably made, work spaces at Nauti Studios.

One of the great, and sustainably made, work spaces at Nauti Studios.