Naugh-tea or Nice: Q&A with Monique of The Loose Leaf Tea House

Tea-lover Monique Lucas started The Loose Leaf Tea House in 2010, and has been cooking up delicious blends ever since. Monique handblends each and every one of our teas to make every cup memorable - from your regular morning 'pick you up' - through to those special tea moments that take you out of the everyday. She's an ever-present fixture at Nauti Studios, always ready for a chat over lunch or sharing some of her new concoctions.

Why tea?

I love the ritual of tea. I like that it’s a excuse to stop for a moment from our crazy lives. I find it really comforting if anyone is sick or down it’s always “I’ll make you a cup of tea”.

Tell us about how you make your teas! Do you blend them yourself, and how do you come up with the flavour combinations?

I have some traditional blends, such as English breakfast, but I try to blend most myself. I seem to go through phases of flavours, for example cinnamon was quite dominant in a few blends then it was orange, now rose. I am thinking lavender next…

What is your ultimate creative dream?

I would love to open a little tea store that’s floor to ceiling full of tea! 

What do you use the space at Nauti Studios for?

I use the space as my office and where all our tea orders are processed.

What’s your favourite part about the space at Nauti?

The social aspect. There is a nice community here where we have lunch and afternoon tea together which makes for great breaks through out the day.

We have a ping pong table here at Nauti – are you any good?

I am ok, until we start scoring ;)

If you were a sea creature, which would you be?

Does a hippo count? 

Finally, are you nauti or nice? ;)

I think I am nauti but in a nice way.