Take a peak inside some of the gold happening here at Naut Studios


'in the flesh' exhibition

Sick of virtual reality and life behind the screen, nine talented artists thought it was time to get back reality, back to the present, back in the flesh for ‘In the Flesh’. Cameron Bishop, Bethan Cotterill, Mariia Zhuchenko, Joel Easson, Hristina Mitrevska, Tom Otin, Bianca Yrure, Olivia Samman and Mikaela Stafford brought out their works, fresh from behind the high sandstone walls of the Sydney College of the Arts to exhibit at Nauti Studios.  




An infinitesimal and immersive gallery fitting only one viewer at a time, Sydney’s Smallest Gallery is an annual celebration of the most intricate parts of our world. The layers of the gallery unfold to reveal miniature rooms, each having been purposefully created to showcase a selection of tiny artworks (smaller than 3x3x3cm) in varying mediums. The gallery invites you to delve into a massive microcosm of diminutive detail.

As featured in The Guardian Australia's 'Art Month Sydney 2016: what is required to make a truly creative city?' 'Art Month Sydney 2015: Our Top Picks', Concrete Playground's 'The Ten Best Things To See At Art Month Sydney 2015', Broadsheets's Top 6 'Pick[s] of the best of the rest of Art Month in 2015', FBi Radio and more.



Sia parody video WITH

merrick watts, jules lund & sophie monk

Produced by Sophie Monk & Oscar Gordon for Merrick, Jules and Sophie's 2DayFM show,
this video took full advantage of the "rustic" aesthetic the studio had in it's early days of construction. 




Vassi Lena is a fashion and advertising photographer based in Sydney, Australia.
Her work in and out of the studio has been stunning.



launch of the gold hatted lovers fashion label

We were very pleased to host the launch of Katie-Louise Ford and Tim Nicol's handmade and vintage clothing label The Gold Hatted Lovers. Working in the studio, Katie and Tim created their first capsule collection influenced by 1930s leisurewear and art deco Sydney imagery. They created a range that was period accurate, timeless, and featured collaboration with textile designer Jessica Lee Parker.




Rachel is a object and furniture designer based in Sydney, Australia.
Working here for over a year doing her #oneaweek project Rachel designed,
built and photographed her work right here at Nauti Studios. 



Launch of indie video game Particulars

See Through Studios took over Nauti Studios for one night to launch date their game Particulars. 
It was an amazing night with a good crowd and different game stations set up all around the studio.



Echo deer disaster video clip

Echo Deer took over Nauti Studios for a late night and early morning filming session to make their video clip for 'Disaster'. They were not able to make their original concept, but instead improvised and created this great clip. 



Launch of Sydney's Smallest Gallery

In a city notorious for its dizzying rental prices and cramped dwellings, Sydney-based creatives Stephen Clement and Natalie Cheney brought to life the concept of Sydney's Smallest Gallery for Art Month Sydney. The exhibition featured the work of  William Nghiem, Alicia Hollier, Becky B of 'B.Inspired', Catalina Briceno, Loni Thompson, Anna Warren, Jayanto Damanik, Carmen Hui, Mark Davis, Cindy Tonkin, Rhonda Davis, Timothy Cunningham, Danielle Emery, Patrick Magee, Alicia Santamaria, Sam Jenkins, Jesus Buckland, Josep Santamaria Binimelis, Merena Nguyen, Miriam Noble, Stephen Clement, Winnie Leung and Edric Hong. 
... the twist is that none of the works were larger than three centimeters in size. 
Clement and Cheney curated the works and created the exhibition space, located within Nauti Studios, which allowed only one viewer at a time, contained multiple levels and was populated by tiny patrons.



anatomical Black light life drawing

Anatomical Black Light Life Drawing was a brand spankin' new concept that was brought onto the life drawing scene by Natalie Cheney and Daniel Wood. The black lights and paints being a new medium for most illustrators, and the anatomical black light body paint being a helpful aspect for drawing students studying the human form. 
Daniel and Natalie were invited to bring this concept workshop to BEAMS Arts Festival in Chippendale. It was packed out and favoured by many. They are now doing Black Light Life Drawing nights by request/invitation for events. 



Yum yum's video premiere Do you really? filmed at nauti

Yum Yum’s first ever video for their single ‘Do You Really?’ featuring The Brass Knuckle Brass Band was filmed right here at Nauti Studios. We’re talking sexy blues bass with glorious Afro-Latin percussions, a groovy guitar riff and those brass band chimes resonant of New Orleans. Yum Yum is made up of Sydney-siders Jayo James and Natalie Slade. Slade’s raspy vocals are sassy, unique and full of swag as her catchy melodies punch through James’s layers of beats, a combo which gives soul music that modern day edge. 

The video is directed by Bryce Hooper and features sizzling samba dancer Gloria Koyla who absolutely sparkles in her purple get-up. If this track itself doesn’t make you want to get up and samba, then Gloria most definitely will.

‘Do You Really?’ has had incredible airtime on Triple J, Double J and FBi Radio. No wonder Yum Yum successfully gained a highly coveted spot on the Soulfest local stage. 



Photography by david chun

David Chun is a fashion photographer based Sydney, Australia. While working in Nauti Studios,
David took full advantage of the abundant and beautiful natural light in the studio.
These fantastic photographs were taken with no artificial lighting, just natural lighting and a reflector.



Art Party at nauti studios

Art Party is a monthly showcase event started in Sydney which is all about "hugs + clicks + inspiration + art + talent + inclusion + sweet treats + more hugs + experiences + hunks + babes".  

At Nauti Studios, we hosted two performance showcase evenings with supremely talented emerging/established artists. We were pleased to host Art Party as their organisation aims to connect artists, create opportunities, spread the word, facilitate gig-creation and make good art. Very much what we are about here at Nauti.



mofo at nauti studios: catgut & the button collective

MoFo, a creative beacon for Sydney’s underground folk scene, came to Nauti one fateful night when their regular venue double booked them. At the time they were holding fantastic regular folk nights showcasing folk musicians and artists.



lybrary impro rehearsals

Lybrary Impro is organised by and for improvisers who jam fortnightly on Thursday nights from 7-9pm at Nauti Studios. 

Natalie, founder of Nauti, also founded Lybrary Impro when wanting a place and space to to improv theatre outside of classes. Lybrary Impro and its improvisers have been jamming here since Nauti started in 2014, and will always have a home here.

The jams are a great opportunity to workshop exercises learnt in external classes, practice scene work or short-form games and meet new improvisers. Experienced, professional improvisers often volunteer to come in and run workshops, which is incredibly excellent and generous.

If you are interested in attending, everyone is welcome, although some improvisational or acting experience is preferred.



gold hatted lovers and katie-louise ford's fashion photography

As well as launching their handmade and vintage clothing label The Gold Hatted Lovers,  Katie-Louise Ford and Tim Nicol also photographed their vintage clothing here at Nauti. Their vintage and influenced 1930s leisurewear range is stylish and exquisite. Here is a small sample of their beautiful work at Nauti.




Emily and Jane Clothing, run by Emily McCowan, was based in Nauti Studios for a time. Some great photographs of Emily's seamstress and vintage work were taken in the studio during this time. 



Awen Project's night on earth

Awen Projects are a Sydney/Melbourne based collective bringing together poetic and melodic independent explorers who have recently emerged on the contemporary art scene.

A Night on Earth was a showcase night of bringing together poetic and melodic independent explorers who had recently emerged onto the contemporary Sydney art scene. 

Different art forms were interwoven to create a collective space including slam poets, acoustic and electronic musicians, video artists, photographers, and painters. 
The night featured the work of Annelisa Kalaziovski, Ben Walker, Clare Conway, Eva Kozarovska, Ilia Kotchenkov (Kotchenography), Isabella Reilly, Jacqui Stevenson, Jesse John Brand, Kaveh, Lilly Burrow, Lorin Elizabeth, Michael Raiti, Philip Wilcox, Rory McKay (Optic Soup), Pia Suffredini, Tori Folkard, Xavier Burrow, Christopher Neto, Das Fokks, Filthy Children Collective, Gabriel Pace, Love Swagga, New Culture Terrorist, Street Sharts, Thunderpup, TV Programmes, Wren and Zhe Nhir .