Ahoy, sailors!

There's so many amazing things that happen here at Nauti Studios every day, and we decided it'd be criminal for you all to miss out on them.

Whether it's a fierce ping pong battle at lunch, or a sit down between the wonderful creators in the studio to talk about their collaboration, there's always something going on at Nauti.

We've decided to start blogging about life at sea with Nauti, so tune in here to see all the goodies we come up with. Whether it's the workshops with WAW Handplanes run on the weekend, or our weekly Monday movie nights with Deep Sea Picture Club (pssst, this month we're watching female slapstick!), check out our new Nauti blog to keep up to date on what's going on.

We're also going to be profiling the creatives in the space so you can meet everyone and find out their quirks. So keep an eye out for the insights into the great creative minds at Nauti Studios!

Thanks for trusting us on these high seas - we're looking forward to the journey with you.