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Apply for the Indigenous Short-Term Creator's Residency

Nauti Studios is pleased to announce a four-week residency for Indigenous individuals or groups, working in an arts or cultural practice.

During our past four years, Nauti Studios has supported hundreds of projects in Sydney. This year, we are working together with the Inner West Council (IWC) to further help arts and culture in our area by providing rehearsal/workshop/photo shoot/craft space/meeting space to an Indigenous group or individual for four weeks.

Held in our vibrant and creative spaces, you will have four weeks to work on your practice, in a collaborative and communal environment with skilled professionals from many different fields. Not only will this be a chance for you to work on your practice, the residency will be a chance for you to engage with the arts culture of the inner west, as well as have the chance to hold an event at Nauti Studios promoting your practice in the space and through our extensive online networks. By simply being at the studio, us sharing your story through our networks, and by being around the experienced creatives who can offer advice and guidance, the residency will be an opportunity for your creative growth.

Whether you're a fine artist, a playwright, a dance group, educator, or something else entirely, we're open to all forms of creativity/cultural indigenous practices. 

Apply below by midnight on 30th July 2018 to be considered.

NB: The residency will run for four weeks between August and November according to the successful candidate's availability. 

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